GST/HST Returns

Accounting Service in Toronto

GST/HST is the most common sales tax incurred in Canada; but, many provinces impose additional consumption taxes on inelastic products such as oil, alcohol, tobacco, parking, carbon tax, hotel room taxes among others.

At IFII, we provide a wide variety of services aimed at tax planning advice, and helping out businesses on GST/HST taxes, business transfers, corporate reorganizations, compliance review, preparing legal opinions, tax audits, collection issues, licensing & registration, and many others. Our accounting service in Toronto is undoubtedly the best.

We have expertise in the sales tax planning area, and we’ve already helped a number of businesses deal with HST in Ontario!

Are you ready to offload your accounting and bookkeeping to the pros?

IFII provides the bookkeeping, payroll, tax and internal accounting services you require. Our solution is stress-free, economical AND we provide a ton of value!

Our bookkeeping service packages are fully-customized and scalable based on your changing requirements.  Plus, you will always have the timely, up-to-date information and current financial reporting you need to run your business. For accounting service in Toronto, we are the most reliable name in the region. Contact with us now to get a quote and details. 

Our solution is ideal if you want to focus on growing your business with the confidence that we will take care of your bookkeeping, tax,  compliance and accounting. We’ll help you save time and add strong back-end support to your business, association or charity.

Business owners and nonprofit management truly appreciate the monthly advisory and financial reporting we include in our packages. Our approach will modernize your accounting systems and give you quick and easy access to your key performance indicators. We can also help you save money and time in accounting service in Scarborough.

Corporation Filing

Accounting service in Scarborough at IFII

Each company must keep track of and show their tax filings to the government. To help facilitate the process, we have expert corporate filing lawyers in Ontario. We can help with all the corporate filings, formation and transaction needs for the company. IFII can also take care of all the tax return filings for corporate clients.

We also provide the following services:

  • Ontario Initial Return/Notice of Change (Form 1)
  • Ontario Extra-Provincial Registration (Companies Incorporated in Canada)
  • Ontario Annual Return
  • Federal Annual Return
  • Other Federal Filings
  • Forms


Payroll is one of the important aspects of any business, and it’s definitely one of the trickiest. There are a lot of aspects that play here; basic salary, allowances, income taxes, employment insurance and Canada Pension Plan (CPP), etc. IFII helps businesses to make the process a lot easier.

We have already helped a number of companies set up their payroll system and automate their financial processes. We also have expertise in working with payroll processing and payroll schedule. At IFII, our accounting service in Toronto is best. For more details, call us now. 

Business Registration

The first step in legalizing a business in Ontario is registering the business to the government database. It’s illegal to operate a business in Canada without proper business registration. In Canada, legalizing a business is a time-consuming process, and requires a lot of effort!

To help businesses save time and effort, IFII helps to get businesses registered. We also aid businesses in ownership management, business name registration, promissory notes, bill of sales, demand letters among many others.  

f you are an international business or organization originating from outside of Canada and planning to open a Canadian subsidiary, we can provide a turn-key solution to ensure your success.  We provide tax, bookkeeping and accounting services to a number of international clients from the United States, the UK, and elsewhere. Zoom web conferencing allows us to easily communicate via video calls with our clients from all over the globe. We simply share our screen to go through our client’s financials and reporting in real-time so that they can ask questions. For more details on accounting service in Toronto, contact us now. 

Business Plan

A business plan is a very important strategic tool for entrepreneurs. It takes into account the short-term and long-term business goals and helps entrepreneurs to stay aligned with the objectives. It’s an indispensable part of businesses and helps in the business’s clarity and success.

At IFII, we pair with businesses and help them create a strong business plan that best suits their offering and their market. We can help create an in-detailed plan that goes through each and every aspect there is to the business, including the financial, supply chain, process, etc. To make your business plans work well, our accounting service in Scarborough will act as an additional help to you and your firm.

We offer diverse portfolio of Investment, Insurance & Risk Management Solutions. No matter what type of plan you are looking for, we are committed to deliver quality advice.