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Guide on Financial Planning in Toronto and How to Create a Coronavirus Communication Strategy for Your Business

Businesses all around the world are facing an unprecedented challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has to stay at home- employers, employees, and customers alike. Everyone is working from home now. We have no choice but to get accustomed to this arrangement for a while.

The real challenge of working from home is to establish a communication strategy. The business is all about communication- salesman to customer communication, owners to manager’s communication, employer to employee’s communication, and many other sorts of communication.

If you want to mobilize your business in this quarantine time, you need to create a successful coronavirus communications strategy. Here’s what you can do-


Establish a Response Team

In any emergency, those who have the best response team are the best organizations. Your success will depend on how quickly your response team is. To select people to build such a group, you need to consider-

  1. Experience: You can count on those people comfortably who have the expertise to handle this kind of situation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exact. Check if they have any experience of organizing a program.
  2. Transparency: When people are asking for service or support, they want to trust you. So, provide information clearly, eloquently, and sufficiently.
  3. Availability: The job of a response team should be an uninterrupted one. The team should arrange the shifting system to its response service.

Build a Communication Structure for Your Employees

Since your employees are not in the same or side by side room, you need to create a flexible, easy to use communication structure. There is much excellent software you can use for video conferencing and teleconferencing. A good approach and its implementation creates healthier scope for financial planning in Toronto. It shouldn’t be a big deal since everybody is accustomed to communication technology. However, you can layout some instructions to make it better-

  • Since a pandemic leaves more people in stress and panic, you need to ensure working flexibility to them.
  • You should open a support team to give them preliminary guidance or help if they complain about showing any symptom of coronavirus. It could be the employees or their family members or neighbors. In this way, you can help the authorities to fight the pandemic.
  • Make sure that everyone takes enough measures to protect himself/herself from coronavirus.
  • If they have to serve the customers at home, make sure that they wear PPE, and take other safety measures.
  • There should be proper guidelines to deal with customers in this quarantine time.
Build a Communication Structure for Your Employees


Create a Flexible Services for Your Clients making financial planning in Toronto easy

The customers will no longer be enthusiastic about going out to get their services. Your employees will want to stay at home as much as possible. So, you need to maximize your efficiency with minimum outdoor exposure. Here how you can do that-

  • Make available the services that are absolutely necessary for your customers.
  • Make sure that your support team responds to your customers’ calls immediately.
  • Make sure they give a clear briefing to the customers.
  • Make sure that you give your customers proper security against the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Make your schedule flexible.
  • If there are any complications, let your clients know as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

We don’t experience anything like the coronavirus outbreak in our recent past. The virus got us pretty unprepared. It takes time to recuperate from any calamities. The more we can create an effective communication strategy, the more successfully we can handle this crisis.

Though we don’t know how long this pandemic will last, there are examples of receding the effect if proper guidelines can be followed. Since the virus spreads through humans to humans, contact, it is essential to control it as quickly as possible. The duration of the outbreak will largely depend on it. So, please stay home and contact us for any sort of financial advice.