Tax is considered to be one of the most complex and challenging aspects of accounting. Luckily, IFII has already earned a massive reputation for having excellent tax knowledge. Our tax specialists have already protected earnings and safeguarded assets. With a pre-emptive approach with the conventional tax planning services, we ensure the best possible results for our clients. We provide our clients with a full-service solution for all their personal and corporate tax-related needs!

Not only that, we try to maximize tax breaks by looking into compliance with the laws and regulations. We’ve already proven our results to multiple individuals, business owners, and corporate entities.

Infinity Finance & Investment Inc (IFII)
Infinity Finance & Investment Inc (IFII)

By building trust and structuring our tax services tailored to our client’s custom requirement, we can assist our clients with all kinds of taxes – be it income and commodity tax, estate tax and corporation taxes.

If you’re late on your tax payments, you have nothing to worry about! We can help you! We’ve already negotiated hundreds of tax settlements with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on behalf of our clients. So, if you’re receiving letters from the CRA or you’re in a negotiation with the CRA, use our expertise to come up with a decision that’s in your best interest! Let’s work on this together!

Letters from the CRA? Late filings? We can help. The Stern Cohen team has negotiated many tax settlements with the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of our clients. So if you have received correspondence from the CRA, are in negotiations with the CRA, or if you have not filed taxes in previous years and need to catch up, call us for expert help.

Infinity Finance & Investment Inc (IFII)

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We offer diverse portfolio of Investment, Insurance & Risk Management Solutions. No matter what type of plan you are looking for, we are committed to deliver quality advice.