Financial Advisory

Financial planning in Toronto 

Since we’re specialized in finance and investing, we provide business advisory to firms catered to their specific needs. Up until now, we’ve served clients from all stages of the business cycle, be it a startup, in a growth stage or on the verge of collapse.

Our financial advice for your business is based on your first-hand experience with business financials and planning. Our team will work with you very closely to make sure that you have the best possible business advisory possible. Financial planning in Toronto thus, got easier with us at IFII.

In most business activities, that you’ll be making decisions that shape your business. For any decision, you must craft a financial model to make sure that the decision you’re undertaking is commercially profitable. This is also known to be financial modeling.

Having such financial modeling will help mitigate the risks and highlight the pathway that will bring maximum output. 

Financial Models

Financial planning in Scarborough

We work closely with businesses to create a customized financial model that helps them to identify and mitigate risks and validate decisions. Bay Street uses financial modeling on a massive scale, and it’s used by companies with revenues over billions of dollars. IFII is proud to bring such premium quality financial modeling to small to medium businesses!

We can build robust financial models that provide our clients with the ability to quickly alter assumptions that are related to revenues, expenses, etc. You can also see their impact on financial metrics immediately. These financial metrics include net profit, company value over time, payback period, discounted cash flow, etc. For financial planning in Scarborough, contact us at IFII now,

We offer diverse portfolio of Investment, Insurance & Risk Management Solutions. No matter what type of plan you are looking for, we are committed to deliver quality advice.