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Super Visa Insurance: Some Important Details for You to Know

Canada leaves an amazing option for your parents and grandparents to visit you in Canada. They can apply for a super visa that extends for two years. Super visa insurance ensures that your visiting family can be covered during their stay in Canada.

With this insurance, you can enjoy your family reunion tension freely. You don’t have to worry about medical costs anymore.

If your parents are planning to apply for a Canadian super visa, you must know some details about it. In this article, we are trying to give you an insight into this visa program.

important details about super visa insurance

What is Super Visa?

The super visa is a temporary permit that allows your parents and grandparents to stay in Canada. Unlike a regular visa, this one will enable visitors to stay up to two years at a time.

It is a multiple entry visa, valid for 10 years. That means your parents and grandparents can come to visit you within 10 years as many times as they want.

The Requirements and Procedure of Applying for Super Visa

To apply for a super visa, your parents or grandparents need-

  • A letter of invitation– As a child or grandchild,  you ( a Canadian citizen) need to provide them a letter of invitation that includes-
    • A guarantee of financial support for their duration of the visit.
    • A list of your total family members.
    • A copy of your Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document.
  • Proof of your minimum necessary income that includes-
    • Employment Insurance receipts.
    • Employment letters ( Details about salary and hiring date)
    • Bank statements.
  • Medical insurance payment proof from a Canadian insurance company that includes-
    • Need to be valid for at least one year from the date of entry.
    • Coverage of at least $100,000.
  • Confirmation documents of having an immigration medical exam.

Now that you know about super visa and its procedures let’s dive into some more details about this visa-

Canadian Super Visa Insurance is Mandatory

Super visa insurance is mandatory for your parents or grandparents to visit Canada. It makes sure that the visitor remains risk-free during their stay in Canada. Many countries make it compulsory to have an insurance plan to visit. Canada is one of them.

A Shorter Application Process

The super visa application process is less complicated and more accessible than the normal visa process. If all the documents are okay, then your parents can easily apply for a super visa. The standard visa limit is 6 months, where the super visa limit is 2 years. Furthermore, your parents can come and go at their convenience for 10 years.

Super Visa Insurance Eliminates the Travel Tension

Super visa insurance covers all the medical costs of the traveler. So if your family stays for long with you and they need medical help, then you don’t have to worry about the expensive hospital costs and medical bills. You can instead focus on other things.

Super Visa Insurance Eliminates the Travel Tension

Simple and Affordable

Super visa insurance cost is quite affordable and accessible. It’s far better and secure than a regular visa. The super visa procedure is also quick. As your parents/grandparents are elderly people, they need simple systems to apply for a visa. The super visa is giving them that super chance.

The Bottom Line

Meeting the loved ones is always exciting and comforting. Super visa insurance makes things far more comfortable to meet your family. This particular visa helps parents from different countries to stay with their Canadian citizenship holder children. It’s a visa that values your root and loved ones.

As a child, you must want your parents to stay safe and sound during their long visit with you. There is no better offer for you than super visa insurance.

Super visa insurance eligibility is not hard to acquire. It’s pretty simple for you and your parents to handle. It has some cool medical features that would be much more costly if your family didn’t have it. Many people can come to Canada to meet their sons or grandsons after the super visa is introduced in Canada.

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